Snow Playdough

Whether or not you are living in a winter wonderland it is time to play with a little snow. With a little imagination you and your little ones are all set for an afternoon of snowy fun sans mittens. Time to play with Snow Playdough!

we love playing with this easy to make snow playdough from Homegrown Friends!


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2 C flour
1 C salt
2 C water
2 TB vegetable oil
4 tsp cream of tartar
1/4 C silver glitter (iridescent glitter would look great too!)



Pour first five ingredients into a large saucepan and stir together. This is a great opportunity to include your children. Show them how to measure the ingredients and pour them in.

pouding ingredients to make snow playdoughMore than one child? Have them take turns pouring ingredients and stirring. This is an easy opportunity to practice basic counting, verbal directions and patience. We sing “We stir and we stir and we stop. We stir and we stir and we stop. We stir and we stir and we stir and we stir, we stir and we stir and we stop. Next person!” It’s a simple song that everyone can learn quickly and helps manage turn taking.

Add the glitter and stir until completely combined (my daughters included ‘lick the glitter’ in this step).

adding glitter to snow playdoughMove the mixture to the stove top and cook on medium heat constantly stirring. In the beginning the playdough mixture will look like very thick pancake batter.


the snow playdough will look like thick pancake batter before you cook itContinue to stir until a ball forms. Remove from heat and cool on a counter top. Be careful! The playdough will be very hot.

snow playdough after heating it on stove

Once warm or cool to the touch your playdough is ready. Continuing with the snow theme I introduced the playdough with tree clippings and a variety of animals. My kids played at the same table for over 30 minutes! Such a fun, successful afternoon.

adding tree clippings as an accessory with snow playdough

We love snow playdough!

kids will love this easy to make snow playdough from Homegrown Friends!


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  1. megan says

    if the playdough is kept in an airtight tupperware container, do you know how long it will last? Hoping to make this one week in advance for a party.

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